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Lady Falcon Hobo Professional

The Lady Falcon Hobo Professional style is a Notebook Cover for hardcover notebooks, like f.i. the Hobonichi diaries or Moleskine notebooks.The Professional style has 1 large pocket on either side. You can choose the style of the full pocket, either complete or secretarial.You can choose how you want your notebook to close. With a closure elastic, a snap closure, or no closure at all. If you want to add extra inserts next to your hardcover notebook, why not add TN elastics to your cover.
The original Lady Falcon line is made from full grain premium vegetable tanned cow hide, 2.5 mm (6-6.5 Oz) thick. Hand-dyed and finished with smooth burnished edges, to reveal it's natural beauty. The Pockets are made with a thinner leather in the same quality, 1.5 mm thick (3.5-4 Oz). Your cover will come with one plain insert, 2 bookmark strings and a little leather bookmark tag with your name.

All the colors

We have a wide range of colors to choose from for our Lady Falcon Travelers. We realize it's hard to choose the right color for your cover. To make this easier we have a gallery with all the colors.



Stitching is done by hand with a traditional saddle stitch method. Even though hand sewing is not as fast as using a sewing machine, we feel the quality of hand sewing makes it worth the effort.
Light Natural
Natural Brown
Dark Brown


You can customize your Lady Falcon further by adding pen-loops and other customization options. These can be found in the customization section.

Please contact us if you would like any further adaptations or a different setup.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Must have for every active stationery lover

Real good material and excellent craftmanship give a gorgeous end product. Now I'm sure that my notebook and loose papers are well protected and safe.

Love it

My Folio Cover in the A5 size was made to fit the Hobonichi Cousin, but I used another A5 notebook in it and it fit just fine. The leather is thick and sturdy, yet doesn't feel heavy. It smells wonderful, like leather. It starts off a bit stiff and creaks when you bend it, but after a week or two of use the leather softens a little. The leather used to make the pockets are thinner so it doesn't add bulk to the cover at all. I got the insert elastics added even though I plan to use it with one notebook only. The elastics are supposed to be optional, but I can't figure out how the leather bookmark would work if you don't have the holes for the elastics. The string used for the bookmark is too long for my liking. I accidentally put the bookmark and the charms onto the leather and pressed down, which caused a small indentation in the leather. So, I would try keep the bookmark charms away from the leather. Overall I love this cover, the quality of the leather and the cover design is amazing.

Not what I expected

After anticipating the delivery of this notebook cover, I was disappointed when I opened the box. The first thing that jumped right out at me was the gold on the notebook. It was not applied very well. In fact, the gold applied to the door knocker is outside the embossing and quite sloppy. Also several areas of the stitching are a problem, especially down the whole length on the front. The holes for the stitching have been made or pulled in such a way that it has allowed the natural color of the leather to be seen next to the thread. This makes it look like there is a fine, light colored line all along the stitching. And I’m not sure why the the extra elastic included is blue instead of black. The little extras you send along are very nice and I do appreciate them. My name engraved on the leather tag is an especially nice touch.

Outstanding quality and service as always

I love my A5 Falcon Hobo. It was my holiday gift for myself because I wanted something for my A5 journal, and I couldn't be more pleased. I fell in love with the tooled dragon design when I saw it on Instagram and I knew I wanted that dragon for the new year, and it's an amazing piece of artwork that I will be privileged to carry with me for a long, long time.

Lady Falcon Hobo Professional

Beautiful cover for my Hobonichi Weeks. The leather is beautifully textured. Simply wonderful!

Size Chart
Falcon Travelers, Hobos, Ringbound and insert sizes (per March, 2019)


Pencil / Pen Case sizes :

110-205 mm closed
268-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-205 mm closed
228-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-165 mm closed
228-305 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.



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