Lady Falcon Traveler Classic

Size Guide

    • The Falcon Traveler Classic style is the traditional Traveler's Notebook cover, without pockets. 
    • You can choose from 2 styles:
      • Classic, without decorative stitching
      • Classic Plus, with decorative stitching
    • If you choose the classic style there will be NO stitching on your Lady Falcon Traveler, only the Classic plus has stitching!
      • Please note that the standard elastics for the Falcon Traveler Classic is vertical (2 long-2 short) and the standard for the Falcon Traveler Classic Plus is horizontal (4 long) elastics.
      • Premium vegetable tanned cow hide, 2.5 mm (6-6.5 Oz) thick
      • Hand-dyed and finished
      • Comes with one plain insert
      • Comes with a little leather bookmark tag with your name
      • Pen-loops are available in a separate listing



      • This listing is for 1 leather Traveler's Notebook cover with 1 plain insert.
      • Images shown are an example
      • Shipping is calculated by the total weight of all items in the cart
      • Please check our FAQ for current shipping times



      • You can find information about the leather we use here
      • You can find tutorials and extra information here
      • If you like to make your own inserts, you can find some great free downloads here

    Please contact us if you would like any further adaptations or a different setup.

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      Size Chart
      Falcon Traveler's, Hobo and insert sizes (per 13-6-17)


      Pencil / Pen Case sizes :

      110-205 mm closed
      268-345 mm open
      Closes with metal snaps.

      90-205 mm closed
      228-345 mm open
      Closes with metal snaps.

      90-165 mm closed
      228-305 mm open
      Closes with metal snaps.

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