Workshop Make your own Lady Falcon traveler, Professional style

Size Guide

During this Workshop we will make a Traveler’s Notebook, Professional style, in the size of your choosing.

We will start by dyeing the leather. After dyeing the leather has to dry for a bit, before we can process it further. This gives us some time to practice making the holes for sewing into the leather. Your Traveler already has the holes in it, so you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes.

As soon as the leather is dry enough we will proceed with processing the leather and pockets, gluing and sewing them to the notebook cover after which we will proceed with the edging and finishing of the Travelers to magically turn them into Traveler’s Notebooks.

We start at 11:00 o clock with coffee and a little introduction. Around 12:30 hr. We will lunch together. You can bring your own lunch, or we can provide lunch for you. Total duration of the workshop would be ca 4 hrs, we expect to finish by 4 ô Clock.

Size Chart
Falcon Traveler's, Hobo and insert sizes (per Oct 7, 2017)


Pencil / Pen Case sizes :

110-205 mm closed
268-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-205 mm closed
228-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-165 mm closed
228-305 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.


TN short for Travelers Notebook
PP short for Passport size
FN short for Fieldnotes or Pocket size
PS short for Personal size
RS short for Regular or Standard size
XL short for Extra Large, adds 2 cm to the spine of your notebook
LMC short for Large Moleskine Cahier size
XLMC short for Extra Large Moleskine Cahier, do not confuse this with the XL option, this is a completely different size from the LMC size
USL US letter size


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