My planner last month, July

August 08, 2017

My planner last month, July

Last month was quite a hectic one and with the holiday at our doorstep I decided to go and try the #onebookjuly challenge and switch from several notebooks to just 1 B6 slim for personal and 1 A5 for work. I changed my personal planner to B6 slim because I wanted to try that size to take with me on holiday and I can definitely say that I enjoyed using this size, so I may end up using it a while longer.


Here's my MOTP spead from July, just a few notes and mostly just doodles. I really enjoy making them to look like this, adding bits and pieces every day.

My weekly's usually contain a bit more text, but I tend to use those mostly as a memory booklet, since my planning with tasks and projects is done in my Bullet journal section.


I start with a bit of decoration and add stuff along the way during the week, mostly at the end of the day.


And although messy, I like the way it ens up and think it looks pretty.


Now my Bullet journal is an entirely different story, because that is all about functionality and keeping track of what needs to get done.


So mostly no pretty washi, or stickers there, no weekly lay-outs, because I can't handle having to draw those out every time. Just my to-do, to-don'ts, my to research and a few trackers...

Photo 29-07-2017, 14 34 40.jpg

lol, not pretty trackers, but quickly scratched functional trackers that get the job done and I don't get lost in the endless list of things that need to get done.

Photo 29-07-2017, 14 37 43.jpg

My Bullet journal is like that as well. Probably because I want to write quickly to get it all out of my head and onto the paper... preferably before it disappears out of my head forever.

The #onebookjuly also entailed a switch to a new daily journal and I made a junk journal type insert for it, with 5 different papers and have been really enjoying using that. So much so that I made a new one for August and our holiday.

Photo 18-07-2017, 00 49 15.jpg

Here's a quick peek at a few pages, but I'll make separate post and a flip-through later in August.

Have a lovely summer everyone,

xoxo Monique


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