Traveler, Original

Made from full grain vegetable tanned, first choice Leather. Our Traveler`s Notebooks are hand cut, hand dyed, hand sewn and hand finished. 

You can choose from 14 different sizes in 7 different styles and approximately 40 different colors.
  • The Classic is traditional Traveler's Notebook style, without stitching.
  • The Classic Plus is traditional Traveler's Notebook style, with stitching.
  • The Professional has 2 large pockets, either secretarial, complete or a mix of these.
  • The Business has Card pockets on 1 side and a large pocket on the other side, either secretarial or complete.
  • The Casual has 3 pockets: 2 large pockets, either secretarial or complete, and 1 small card pocket on either the front or back pocket.
  • The Executive with Card pockets on both sides.
  • The Business Casual has 4 pockets. 2 large pockets (secretarial or complete), and 2 small card pockets.

Size Chart
Falcon Travelers, Hobos, Ringbound and insert sizes (per March, 2019)


Pencil / Pen Case sizes :

110-205 mm closed
268-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-205 mm closed
228-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-165 mm closed
228-305 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.




We at Falcon Travelers hope you are all safe and well.

We are at work, making notebooks and accessories, in our home based studio during these extraordinary times. Keeping all safety measures in mind.

Some things have changed though:
-Updated shipping prices due to COVID-19.
-Shipping times may be affected due to restricted plane traffic.

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