Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship

Depending on the order you placed, there will be different shipping times.

  • Ready to ship items will ship the next business day.
  • Inserts take 3-5 workdays before shipping.
  • Wallets and pencil cases take 1-2 weeks before shipping.
  • Made to order Falcon Travelers without pockets (basic), or extra's, take 1-2 weeks before shipping.
  • Made to order Falcon Travelers with pockets or stitching take 2-3 weeks before shipping.
  • Made to order Falcon Travelers with extra add-on's, except the pen-loops or the XL option, take 3-4 weeks before shipping.
  • Made to order Hand-dyed Falcon Travelers with custom Artwork will go on a wait list and will be handled in order of position on the list.
The item with the longest shipping time will determine when your order will be shipped. Please keep in mind that these are estimated times based on normal production volumes. We are a small shop, with all handmade products, mostly made to order leather notebooks. When the order amount is more than we can handle in a regular fashion, the time to make the items (before shipping) will increase.
Days are based on workdays and exclude weekends or Dutch National Holidays.
How long does it take after shipping to get to me

Depending on where in the world the parcel has to go to it can take a while to get there. Wind and weather permitting it will get there in the below estimated times:

  • For the Netherlands this usually 1-2 workdays with regular mail.
  • For European countries this is usually from 1-2 weeks with regular mail.
  • For the USA and the rest of the world this is usually from 2-3 weeks with regular mail.
Depending on mail and customs in your country it can take longer to get there. There is no guarantee your parcel will get there in the estimated times listed above.
Will I get a tracking number

After your order or partial order has been marked fulfilled you will receive an email notification.

  • Regular mail does NOT have tracking information.
  • If you chose the Free shipping option for orders over €100, your items will be send via Regular mail.
  • If you chose Registered mail or Insured mail as shipping option you will receive a Tracking number for your parcel. You will receive a separate notification email for this. 
What are all the paper sizes and how do they compare to each other

Common paper and notebook sizes

  • A and B Sizes are ISO sizes, unless otherwise indicated!
  • B6 Slim is a slim version of B6 JIS (Japanese B size)
What are all the leather notebook sizes

Lady Falcon Travelers Notebook sizes and insert sizes (sizes updated on 13-6-2017)

  • TN sizes are with OPEN Falcon Traveler.
  • TN sizes are after cutting and before burnishing edges.
  • Pockets will add about an insert thickness to the cover when filled.
What are the available styles

You can choose from 4 different styles Falcon Travelers.

  • Classic or Classic Plus (without or with stitching)
  • Professional
  • Business
  • Executive

Below you can see the configurations of these different styles and the elastic threading configuration for them.

There are 3 different style Falcon Hobo covers

  • Rover, compares to the Professional lay-out (no secretarial pockets available)
  • Rambler, compares to the Business lay-out (no secretarial pockets available)
  • Wanderer, compares to the executive lay-out
The Falcon Hobo's are slightly taller and wider than their Traveler counterparts
What are the different threading options for the Falcon Traveler Classic

The Falcon Traveler Classic and Classic Plus each have a different standard Threading option.

  • Classic standard is Vertical (2 long and 2 short elastics)
  • Classic plus standard is Horizontal (4 long elastics)

Can I customize my Lady Falcon Traveler

You can continue to customize your Falcon Traveler by choosing one or more of the Customization options available on the customization page.

  • XL your Traveler
  • Add pen-loops
  • Make it a Tri-fold
  • Add Distressing with paint and light sanding
  • Add a Galaxy or make it a "Nikki Retro"
  • Make yours a River Song notebook
  • Add Stamping
  • Custom artwork

We also do tooling and several other options, like f.i. our Star Trek option. You can always contact us with any special requests.

Do you offer inserts

We offer notebook inserts for the sizes A7 up to A5.

  • Diaries (weekly, monthly and combination of these two)
  • Bullet journal inserts (plain, lined, grid, dot-grid and cross-grid)
  • Notes inserts (plain, lined, grid, dot-grid and cross-grid)
  • Folders with or without pen-loops
We have leather wallet and card-holder inserts for your Lady Falcon Traveler and we also have leather pen cases and other accessories.
What does it take to make a Lady Falcon Traveler

All our Falcon Traveler's and Hobo's are handmade from scratch with traditional leather working techniques. It takes on average 4 hours to make a Falcon Traveler from start to shipping. Depending on size and add-on's requested.

  • The leather reaches us as large sheets of un-dyed vegetable tanned leather and is cut, by hand, to the correct size.
  • We have too many different styles, sizes and colors to keep a stock of pre-cut and pre-dyed covers and pockets. Therefore each order is cut and processed when it is placed.
  • The cut pieces of leather need some extra steps to become a leather cover.
    • Rounding the corners
    • Adding the logo
    • Adding a stitching seam
    • Punching the holes for stitching.
  • After this they will get dyed by hand into the requested color.
  • The next customization step will depend on the specific order. Whether there needs to follow some additional treatments for the notebook
    • Some have paintings, some have "galaxy's" or other extra painting steps
    • Some have a stamping add on etc.
  • After this we first condition the leather. We brush the rough side and spray it with a suede conditioner.
  • The outside of the cover is either treated with leather oil or Carnauba creme.
  • Coffee Latte has a Wax conditioning
  • Now we have a collection of loose pieces of leather and those need to be sewn together.
    • First we have to glue them together, since you cannot pin leather pieces together.
    • Then the holes can get punched for sewing
    • And then we can finally start sewing the covers. This is done by hand in the traditional leather sewing fashion. With one (very) long thread and 2 needles.
  • Once the covers are sewn, the edges need to get finished, sanded and buffed. Which brings the notebook to a nearly finished state.
  • We now just need to add the holes for elastics, add the elastics and add the insert.
  • After all this the Lady Falcon Traveler is ready to get wrapped up and start its travels around the world.
Size Chart
Falcon Traveler's, Hobo and insert sizes (per 13-6-17)


Pencil / Pen Case sizes :

110-205 mm closed
268-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-205 mm closed
228-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-165 mm closed
228-305 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

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