Painted Add-on 101

Uniquely you. 

A Painted lady Falcon Traveler with custom artwork is a lovely way to make your Lady falcon Traveler even more uniquely you. The painted Lady falcon Travelers are made by Monique and can only be made after discussing the details of the design with you. Each piece is treated as an artwork in itself and will be made using different techniques. Because everything is hand-painted, each piece will be different and unique even when the same inspiration image is used for the artwork.

Painting these Lady falcon Travelers requires inspiration and a connection with the design. This process cannot be rushed. A clear mind and focus on the artwork is needed to make these unique Lady Falcon Travelers.

You can find more examples of previous artwork in the Gallery

Due to all of the above, we removed the direct purchase option from the site and replaced it with a request for information link.

How long will it take

There is a wait list for painted lady Falcon Travelers and once you have placed your order, it'll go on the wait list. Since Monique is the only one to make the painted Lady Falcon Travelers, we cannot make more than 1 or maybe 2 per week. We will try to keep the wait list on this page updated.

I am not taking new painted add-on orders till after the summer holiday or start September 2018. (updated July 7, 2018)

You can check here to see some previously made artwork by Monique.

What will it cost

Pricing for the painted add-on is based on the amount of work involved with painting the specific artwork. The time involved will be estimated, up front, based on Monique's experience with previous painted work. Sometimes a design is straightforward and can directly be adapted from the submitted image, but for some requests, inspiration, research, sketching and developing a design is needed.

Intricacy of the artwork, preparation for the design and size of the Lady falcon Traveler are all factors that weigh in with the estimate of the time involved in making your Painted lady Falcon Traveler.

We've set 5 levels of intricacy

  • Basic, 1-2 hrs design and painting, €25
  • Medium, 2-3 hrs design and painting, €50
  • Intermediate, 3-4 hrs design and painting, €75
  • Intricate, 4-5 hrs design and painting, €100
  • Very intricate, 5 or more hrs design and painting, €125

You can check here for the price of the Lady Falcon the design will be painted on.

Please be aware

  • By submitting an image for a custom painted Lady Falcon Traveler, you declare to have the rights or permission to use the image for this purpose.
  • The submitted image will be used as inspiration for the final artwork and though the painting might be close to the submitted picture, it will not be an exact replica.
  • Leather is a natural product and no two pieces of leather are exactly the same.
  • We reserve the right to reuse our original art from custom orders.
  • All public domain images and/or quotes are free for all to uses, no claims can be made on those.
  • Discount coupons do not normally apply to the painted add-on.
  • The Free shipping option on orders over a certain amount is standard regular mail. Regular mail has no tracking option and might not be the best choice for your painted Lady Falcon Traveler.

To purchase the add-on you can either contact us by sending an email through the listing or send an email directly to Monique

Size Chart
Falcon Traveler's, Hobo and insert sizes (per Oct 7, 2017)


Pencil / Pen Case sizes :

110-205 mm closed
268-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-205 mm closed
228-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-165 mm closed
228-305 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.



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