Custom Fandom Engraved Design


    • Choose a notebook from the original line for this design to go on.
    • Choose the natural color for the notebook, the colorway will be selected here.
    • Choose one of the listed colorways or leave a note with your custom colors.
    • All engraved notebooks will be airbrushed.
    • Please keep in mind that image size varies per cover size! Especially with covers in different proportions (RS v. A5).
    • Choose the code that matches your design from the drop down list. You can find the codes in the Facebook group.



    • This listing is for 1 upgrade with an engraved design for 1 Notebook cover in the selected size.
    • Shipping is calculated by the total weight of all items in the cart


    • You can find information about the leather we use here
    • You can find tutorials and extra information here
    • If you like to make your own inserts, you can find some great free downloads here

What's your Fandom?

From time to time we will announce a Fandom sale in our Facebook group. At that time we will make a few listings available here for this.

Facebook group

How does it work

We have several designs ready for you to choose from. You can find examples of those in our Facebook group or on Instagram.

If you have a specific design in mind, you can contact us and together we'll work out what your design will be.

You can choose your notebook from the Original Leather line in your configuration and size and select the corresponding size for the engraving here. You can leave a note with the details for your engraving and the colors you'd like your notebook to be.

Original Traveler

Can I add other ADD-ONs?

Yes, you can add extra width with the XL add-on or  pen-loops.

Configuration ADD-on

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


100 acre wood TN

Beautiful craftsmanship, I love it!!


I really really really love it.


I was very happy to receive my fandom notebook. Monique was awesome to work with and quick to suggest an alternate color when my original choice was too dark to work with the design. It was completed within the specified time frame and the postal service was on my side with a quick delivery. My only problem is picking a design for my next order!

Size Chart
Falcon Travelers, Hobos, Ringbound and insert sizes (per March, 2019)


Pencil / Pen Case sizes :

110-205 mm closed
268-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-205 mm closed
228-345 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.

90-165 mm closed
228-305 mm open
Closes with metal snaps.



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