Pen-Loop Add-On, Sewn

Size Guide
    • Upgrade your Traveler's Notebook leather Cover with a Sewn Pen-loop
    • Choose your style and placement from the drop down list
    • The staggered option is for 2 pen-loops, one in the front and one in the back of the notebook (staggered around the center of the notebook)
    • Keep in mind that an inward positioned pen-loop can interfere with your inserts
    • Sewn pen-loops are normally only used with either a stitching customization or a pockets customization, but can be done on Traveler's without either of these
    • The Sewn Pen-loops are sewn on after the sewing for the decorative stitching or pockets has been done. This means you can remove the pen loop without compromising the integrity of the stitching in case you want to change to a different color, size, or orientation.
    • If you have more than one Traveler in your shopping cart, please make sure to leave a note saying on which Notebook cover the pen-loop needs to go
    • The option for the matching pen-loop will match the outside of your cover
    • This listing is for 1 sewn Pen-Loop, or 2 in case of the staggered option
    • Images are an example
    • Shipping is calculated by the total weight of all items in the cart
    • You can find more information about our notebooks here
    • You can find tutorials and extra information here
    • If you like to make your own inserts, you can find some great free downloads here

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

One of my favorite leather journal covers. Thank you.

Dechyn Nedup
it is a pen loop

I asked for the pen-loop sewn mid-front, pointing outwards, matching the color of my LFT notebook in Regular size. I love that you can customize it to wherever you want it to be

Maria Spinola
Perfect penloop

This a great penloop for my Hobonichi weeks cover (also from Falcon Travelers). The pen fits perfectly. Love it!

Lovely size pen loop, well made

I love the sewn in pen-loops. They are always painted in the same color as your TN and the sewing is done by hand and of great quality. They fit several kinds of pens.

Lisa S.

The pen-loop is sturdy and a perfect size. Fits even a larger pen.

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