All the pretty Notebooks

May 21, 2017

All the pretty Notebooks

During last month's workshop I made an A5 notebook cover, which I'm now using as my work planner. Yesterday we had another workshop and since I prefer to show, not tell, what the steps are to make a Notebook cover, I made another notebook. This time I decided to go for a size I didn't have yet, A B6 Slim. So now I have all the sizes, A5 and smaller, except B6 ISO. The notebooks I have lined up here, are not all notebooks I have... And not all of them in this line-up are in use at the moment. The notebook in the pic below is is the B6 Slim in Mahogany from yesterday's workshop. Lady Falcon Travelers Notebooks, Regular size, B6 Slim and A5 I do tend to keep the notebooks I make during workshops. Since I'm mostly focused on what's going on around me, talking a lot, keeping my eyes on what the participants are doing and whether I should aid in any way and not so much thinking about the notebook I'm making.  DSC01980.JPG As proven by the above picture, where I wasn't paying attention an thoughtlessly placed my cover onto a wet cloth for quite some time, while I was chatting away and explaining things to the group. So it now has these watermarks on the back of the cover. Which, really, I don't mind that much. I even think they are quite pretty and inspired me use this cover as a watercolor and sketch book. Another problem solved, because while I do like to have all the notebook sizes (and all the colors), it's not possible to use them all at once. DSC01992-1.jpg From left to right in the above pic, there are
  • A5 work planner
  • Large Moleskine Cahier (LMC) daily journal and doodle book
  • Regular size (RS) Little Red Dragon, personal planner
  • B6 Slim, Mahogany, watercolor and sketch book
  • Personal size (PS), custom red, currently not in use
  • A6, natural color, daily quick sketches and quotes
  • Fieldnotes/Pocket size (FN), Black Raven, for keeping track of online orders (which I've moved into my workplanner only last week)
  • Passport size (PP), painted lady, with my passport
  • A7 litlle black wallet, with cards and coins (still need to replace the cinnamon wallet insert to a black one, because I'm silly that way and like to match colors)
DSC01990.JPG The only one I'm missing now, size wise is a B6 (ISO) one, but I figure with a new workshop coming up in October, I think I can wait till then, ... unless of course I find a reason why I really do need another notebook before then. Do you have more than one notebook/planner in use at once and if so does each have a different purpose? Let me know in the comments below =) If you are interested in following a workshop, you can always ask for information through the workshop page There are 2 different types of workshops and the one in October will be hand sewing pockets onto the leather like the one we did yesterday. Photo 20-05-2017, 09 05 42.jpg This is how we started out... DSC01969.JPG And this is what we ended up with...   We also have plans to do a planner meet-up in the coming months. This will be an informal meet-up with all notebook and planner enthusiasts, just to talk planners and notebooks and journaling and wot-not, just for fun and to show off all your pretty notebooks. More about this will be coming here in the following weeks. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday xoxo Monique

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