My Planner Last Month, August

September 07, 2017

My Planner Last Month, August

The first half of last month we were on holiday, so I didn't get round to taking any before pics. Besides, not a lot of planning was done during the holiday. Which really is not a problem, since I use my personal planner more as a kind of memory keeper. With snippets of every day stuff. Which is sometimes hard, because when you work from home and work all day every day and your idea of a holiday is to snuggle up somewhere with a book, there's not a lot to tell.

DSC02952 However I do try to keep up with it and think of something to add every day, because I like the way it looks and feels. I doodle my way through the monthly pages, like you see in the above image. Although this time I also felt like adding some pictures. I'm quite happy with how that turned out.

I usually start my weekly's with transferring any tasks that haven't been checked  off from last weeks to-do list to their appropriate places and then decorate a little.

Not too much mind you, because I want to leave room to add things as the week progresses.


The above week was done on holiday and since I brought out the mini printer I was able to add some pics right then and there.


I also like to add what we ate each day. Not for memory keeping purposes, at least not for the long run, but so that when we have to decide what to eat each day, I can look back in my diary. That way I know that, no we can't have pizza today, we had pizza 3 days ago... Because I forget, I do, my brain just doesn't have the room to store that information.


I also like to mark which movie's or TV series we watched or what books I'm reading. Although I only read a lot on holiday. When I'm back home I only get to read about 10' or so before bed, so one 800 page book takes me about 2 months to finish. But I do keep track of them.


I have a list/ miscellaneous insert in my Regular size TN, but haven't got one in my B6 slim and I find I am missing it a bit, so maybe I should go and take out my trusty Red Dragon again... If only to keep my lists.


I also started learning the Italian language with an app called Duolingo and am keeping track of that. I find that when I'm trying to create new habits it works great to just have a place to remind me to do it everyday (or however often you like to do it, or not do it ;-) ). Just one tiny little check-box is all it takes. After a while I don't need the check boxes anymore, it will have become a part of my daily routine. At which point I can just leave them out.

Anyway, there you have it, my last months planner  pages. Not a lot to tell, but still they all got filled in the end, adding one little bit every day.

Maybe you too, like me feel like there's not much to tell everyday... Just keep in mind that you're the only one that judges what should and shouldn't go in your planner, or journal for that matter. It doesn't matter how big or small the events or thoughts are. You fill the pages for you and by adding one little bit at a time it'll fill up in no time =)

I hope you enjoyed this and wish you all a lovely week,

xoxo Monique

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