Live Long and Prosper...a birthday present

June 07, 2015 4 Comments

Last year I made several Traveler's Notebooks using a masking technique. I knew the technique very well from my art journaling and since I hadn't seen anyone use this on leather I thought I would give it a go. My goal was to get a lighter lettering (or other) onto the notebook. Up to then I had only been able to get darker images into the leather using stamps. The masking would allow me to keep parts lighter (like this). The masking technique worked fabulous and I bought a silhouette portrait to explore the possibilities of this further. Somehow live got in the way, with my job, combined with the Etsy Shop and family life... the machine just sat there gathering dust.... (so sad)
However now that I've quit my job to make TN's full time and my sister in law's birthday (a huge star trek fan) was coming up, I forced myself to MAKE IT SO ... I did some tests on my black TN and in my diary and after I received the approval of my family, I went ahead and made the turquoise "live Long and Prosper" TN for her.
This time i wasn't after the light lettering on dark, because I wanted to be able to sprinkle stars around the Enterprise
However the technique and the stencil made by the silhouette, allows for both.
I just happened to like this way
The Vulcan lettering I found online and I made a tiny effort to be able to read it....
But I have to admit...
I failed horribly! But it looks cool, even if you can't read it.
Made a few inserts for her to get her started.
Making the notebook, nice and chunky from the get-go.
She has 3 bookmarks in there
The notebook cover is the Large Moleskine Cahier size (LMC) and so is the quotes booklet inside...
Star trek quotes of course...
The booklet is available in the Lady Falcon Traveler's Notebook Facebook group.
We will soon reach a 1000 members and a give-away will follow =) Join us if you like to be eligible for the give-away..... It's a great group with great people!
Who knows maybe the give-away will be one like this...
Not sure yet, but I love how it turned out!
My husband liked the template with the Enterprise so much...I decided to add the smaller test mask to his XL Passport wallet..
I do believe he's happy with it. Now on to do some more experimenting with my silhouette, now that I have overcome my fear of the machine...time to make some stickers and templates and wotnot. I hope you enjoyed this. Have a wonderful week. xx Monique If you like to see more Traveler's Notebooks and or inserts you can follow me here: Facebook Group: Lady Falcon Traveler's Notebooks Facebook page: Morgan Le Fae's Trinkets IG: LadyFalconTN Flickr: Traveler's Notebooks Etsy: MorganLeFaesTrinkets

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Paper rainbow
Paper rainbow

June 01, 2017

As a secret trekkie I am very smitten with this! You are so clever..and the touch of Vulcan text, super special!!


June 01, 2017

Thank you Natasha <3


June 01, 2017

Monique you´ve surpassed yourself! I am a huge Star Trek Fan as well and I´d go crazy if I´d get one of these TNs!!! It looks so… WOW!!!

Have a great start to the new week!


June 01, 2017

Thank you Morag…I must admit, i am seceretly a trekkie myself, so it was extra fun making this for my sister in law =)

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