My oldest Traveler in use...

January 11, 2016 1 Comment

It's been rather a busy few weeks these past weeks. To relax a little I like to work in my art journal. At the moment I have 2 art-journal Travelers. One is Regular size and the other is A5. Today I want to share with you my oldest TN in use. It looks lovely, marked with all things life has thrown at it. Still as strong as ever. DSCN0857 It's the same saddle leather I usually use, maybe even a little thinner. Its lovely brown glow does not come from any dye, well apart from the acrylic and ink add-on's....It's just oiled veg tan leather... It has been in constant use for over 2 years. DSCN0856 First as my husbands work TN, but from the moment he switched to A5 I claimed this one as mine. DSCN0858 I made a few more like this back then, "oil dyed" and with the closure coming from the back in stead of the spine....wonder what they look like by now. DSCN0859 As you can see the art journal TN cover has the tannery stamp with the size of the hide and as luck would have spells Joy! DSCN0873 And a joy it is working in this one! I'm definitely still very happy with it, even after these 2 years have gone by. As you can see, my original bookmark has now almost completely shredded. Wonder what happened to it. However this gave me a reason to add 2 extra bookmarks with beads and now it all looks happy again. DSCN0862 I use it as an art-journal and currently also have 1 full journaling insert in there, because I'm not ready to retire that one to "the suitcase" yet... DSCN0860 I will probably do that once the new insert is almost full... DSCN0861 Don't worry, photo's of "the Suitcase" will follow in one of the coming posts...=) DSCN0870 Around the Art-journal I have a little folder, with some extra bits and some freezer paper to put between wet pages, to stop them from sticking. DSCN0869 My art journal insert is nearly full... DSCN0868 just a few backgrounds to dabble with left and a few empty pages.... DSCN0866 almost time for a new one.... DSCN0865 probably a junk journal again because I like the haphazardly way those inserts are made and the fact that all pages are different. DSCN0863 I love making those inserts and have made quite a few over the past years. Also make for a great way to use up all those drop sheets used to protect the table top from getting covered in ink and paint. Although I like having a little paint on my table... Anyway, I'm ready again to tackle the rest of the year. Do you currently have an art-journal? I would love to see yours. Have a wonderful week, xx Monique  

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