My Planner Last Month, October

November 01, 2017

My Planner Last Month, October

Last month I didn't feel like overly decorating my diary much. Maybe it's because I've been doing a lot of painting, like the below mermaid.


Whatever it is, it left my monthly pages rather bare compared to my usual doodles and stuff.

However I still think it turned out nice. I adore the color of those fall leaves. So I had to glue them in. Not sure though what the best way is to do this. So still looking for tips on that.

Photo 30-10-2017, 22 33 14

At the start of the month we had our 25 year anniversary, so to celebrate that, we had a nice dinner with the kids and they treated us to a movie. We got to pick which one we wanted to see =)

Photo 10-10-2017, 00 58 27

Which obviously had to Blade runner 2049. It was awesome! Beautiful images and magical atmosphere... and of course Harrison Ford...

Photo 16-10-2017, 23 54 13

Painted another mermaid like I painted at the start of the year, but this time I made her in all happy fall colors.

Photo 14-10-2017, 17 01 16

Here they both are. The same but so very different.


I don't even know which one I like best... too hard to choose.

As you can see the decorating in that week was mostly left out, I think I only added some washi at the last moment.

Photo 30-10-2017, 22 32 33

This week I did start out with some decoration, but kept it really plain. I kinda like the way the text starts to get a life of it's own this way.

Still doing my Italian lesson via DuoLingo, although they are all done. I just keep repeating them till I feel I'm able to form a coherent sentence all by myself... but I also started Japanese now, so who knows, I may one day be able to speak Japanese. Although I do think I need an insert just for that, because I just can't remember what sign goes with what.

Photo 30-10-2017, 22 33 00

Recently we got an application by a student for an internship with our company and last week we made it all official and we are now a recognized training company for students learning to be a creative craftsman.

Photo 28-10-2017, 16 42 52

I'm very happy with that. It's always fun to try and teach other people new things and maybe learn a thing or two along the way as well.

This month is going to be NaNoWriMo month, so I'm going to do a lot of writing, probably mostly for my novel. Although I will try and keep you updated about my progress there. Our first intern will start November 13, so all in all it's going to be a very full month and I'm really excited about it.

Signing off for now, have a lovely week,

xoxo Monique


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